Thanks for considering the VOSD Dog Surrender. If you have a pet, abandoned, or rescued dog that you would like to surrender to VOSD, please fill this request form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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The dog I am surrendering belongs to me, or has been rescued by me, and is NOT anybody else’s, entrusted to me temporarily, that I’m handing over to VOSD in breach of that trust. The dog is NOT stolen property, nor a healthy stray being wilfully relocated.

Thanks for completing the form. VOSD will reply by email within 24 hours. If accepted, the dog will be registered with us, which may involve making a one-time 80G donation towards the dog's upkeep.

Post-Surrender, the dog will live at the VOSD Sanctuary. You will not be able to visit the dog, but may follow his/ her progress via photo updates on the VOSD Facebook page.